Check these links to find gold panning clubs, gear, and news. We add more as we find them in the pan.

We are currently researching links to put you in touch with multiple gold panning sites. Bear with us a bit.

2016 World Gold Panning Championships

These links will take you to gold panning clubs and organizations in Europe:

Austria Austrian Goldpanners Club
Belgium Association des Geologues Amateurs de Belgique (AGAB)
Czech Republic The Czech Association of Gold Prospectors
Finland Tankavaara Gold Village
France Federation Francaise d’Orpaillage (FFOR)
Germany Deutsche Goldsuchervereinigung e.V. (DGSV)
Great Britain British Goldpanning Association (BGA)
Italy Associazione Biellese Cercatori d’Oro
Netherlands Dutch Goldpanning Association (DGA)
Poland Polish Guild of Gold Prospectors
Slovakia Slovak Goldpanning Association
Spain Asociacion de Bateadores de Oro
Sweden Federation of Swedish Goldprospectors
Switzerland Swiss Goldpanning Association